Repercussion in the media of the 24M HYPOSENS meeting

The second anniversary (24M) meeting of the project was held in Logroño (Spain). CIBIR and Fundación Rioja Salud were the hosts of this event where technical issues of the project were discussed, but also dealt with local authorities and media, which covered the event.

RTVE (Regional News)

The Regional Informative Program of La Rioja  includes news about the involvement of CIBIR in the clinical trials of the HYPOSENS project (1:38 to the end).

Fundación Riojana para la Innovación

 The Fundación Riojana para la Innovación is a private non-profit organization created in 2010, with the aim of spreading the culture of innovation as a key to the social and economic development of La Rioja. Directs its activities to students, managers, researchers, entrepreneurs in that region.

They have published a post about HYPOSENS on the occasion of the meeting held by the partners of the project, with the CIBIR and the Fundación Rioja Salud as hosts. The article is: ‘El CIBIR testa un proyecto europeo de detección de cáncer de mama‘ (Spanish).

You can read it at:

Image copyright: | HYPOSENS meeting at Logroño.

Rioja2 (a local news website) gathers the statements of the director of the Fundación Rioja Salud, Javier Aparicio. As one of the host of the project meeting held in Logroño this week, Aparicio highlights “the HYPOSENS project partners’ commitment and collaboration with the aim of opening a window to hope and developing a non-invasive system to detect metastasis in breast cancer, that provides a better treatment, a more precise diagnosis and the improvement in the quality of life and the well-being of the patients”.

The full article is: ‘HypoSens: un proyecto del CIBIR para evitar cirugías en el cáncer de mama‘ (Spanish).

You can read it at: