AH6 – HYPOSENS Project and partners

The HYPOSENS Project is funded by H2020 and unites experts in several disciplines such as molecular and cell biology, photonics, chemistry, medicine, business and engineering. A total of 10 partners across Europe and Israel, representing different countries, worked together to develop a minimally invasive system for better, faster, simpler and cheaper detection of breast cancer spread to the lymph nodes, compared to the currently used SLNB methodology. Cancer metastasis is responsible for 90% of cancer-related deaths so HYPOSENS will enhance the prognosis of patients and their stratification to select best treatment options to maximise patient survival.

HYPOSENS consists of an external photonic device capable of detecting breast cancer metastasis using specific oxygen and temperature sensors confined in antibody-coated nanocapsules (targeting only the cancer cells) that are injected into the patient.


  • Minimally invasive: no need for surgery
  • Accurate: specific Her2 antigens for cancer cells and dual parameter sensing (intracellular Tº C and O2)
  • Safe: no ionizing radiation
  • Affordable: decrease in the diagnostic costs
  • Simple: plug and play system.
  • Fast: immediate result


The HYPOSENS device will help the oncologist to establish the presence of cancer cells in the lymph nodes of breast cancer patients and offer them a more accurate and quick diagnosis, prognosis, and personalized treatment options.